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Are you looking to exceed the life of your metal equipment? Get metal coatings applied by professionals at the Modern Painting Group. Untreated metal equipment and fittings are the most common reasons for rust formation, which will stain your space and corrode the metal.

Our experience and knowledge in metal coatings will safeguard your commercial real estate from dirt, corrosion, and debris with premium metal coatings. We provide different types of metal coatings like epoxy, moisture-cured urethane, and polyurethane that act as a layer of protection from the outside elements.

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Protective Coating
for Your Commercial Space

Your commercial space has areas that require special care. Metals coatings are the best way you can control the rust formation and protect your assets from damage. We have a range of tried and tested methods to combat different problems like rust, chipping deterioration, and environmental hazards.

Our team of NACE certified technicians will examine and provide different metal coating options that will increase the metal's performance and life.

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To Last.

Metal coatings are cost-effective and can curb the rust formation and damage to your commercial space's floors and walls. Adding a metal coating can save you up extra money for rust and stain removal services.

Modern Painting Group has the best metal coatings that will keep your equipment safe from contaminants. From the start of the project to finish it, our goal is your complete satisfaction.

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If the commercial space is exposed to harsh agents like abrasive chemicals, moisture, and oil, then metal coatings are a must. Metal coatings are durable and protect both indoor and outdoor metal equipment. We care for the environment and follow stringent guidelines and clean up after ourselves.

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