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Having a modern and sleek space is every commercial real estate owner's top priority. From the ceiling to the flooring, everything has to be perfect! Employ the expertise of the Modern Painting Group, which will give great deals on paints, coatings, and floorings.

With years of experience, the Modern Painting Group is here to serve you with the best flooring resurfacing services. Whether it is concrete services or epoxy polishing, we have the creativity and workforce to turn your vision into reality.

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Concrete is one of the most versatile materials used in construction. Its flexibility allows professionals at the Modern Painting Group to customize creative concrete floorings. Why settle for boring and mundane grey concrete when you can fully customize the concrete's look?

We have expert concrete installers who can stamp concrete and mix pigmented stains and dyes to make your flooring visually appealing. The experts can customize the concrete flooring for your niche! Whether it is an industrial factory or an elegant entryway, we have quality concrete flooring options that you can explore.

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Seamless and
Safe Epoxy

Want your concrete floors to be extra hygienic and safe for use? Try Epoxy Flooring, which is designed to strengthen your current flooring options so that it’s easy to customize and clean.

Epoxy flooring and epoxy cove base are an excellent option for the healthcare industries and food processing industries. You can add an epoxy cove base so that the crevices are easier to clean and maintain the sanitation standards.

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Varieties of
Epoxy Flooring Solutions to Suit Your Needs

You can choose from a range of epoxy flooring services at the Modern Painting Group, depending on your business. We have a range of anti-slip, anti-microbial, decorative, thermal shock-resistant epoxy floor coatings that will suit every need! Select the robust epoxy coatings to keep dust, harsh chemicals, and moisture away from your floors.

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